Monday, November 24, 2008


Last week I made the dire mistake of casually stating a preference for Jimmy Stewart, in lieu of Cary Grant. Lemme tell ya, there was a bit of a fuss. Let's just say the beating my email inbox took and the comments on the post weighed in heavily for Senor Grant. And so the debate is on.

One reader, dear friend and fellow blogger went so far as to post in favor of her argument with three admittedly very healthy pieces of evidence in favor of Grant as Heartbreaker Numero Uno. And can I say, Exhibit B was my fave. The man can seriously pull off feathers.

However (Miss Ive clears throat), said friend, authress of Bird in the Hand, has admittedly not yet seen The Philidelphia Story. And that's all I'm-a-sayin'. Okay, I'll say one more thing. Ms. Kelly, you yourself posted that the line that made you laugh the most, "C.K. Dexter Haven, you have unexpected depth!," was SPOKEN by one Mr. Stewart.

And Kell, can I just say, Stewart plays a quiet, thoughtful, brooding, sarcastic, PUBLISHED WRITER in this flick. Yeah. He does.

So brace yourself, baby.

Ms. Kelly has challenged me to a live debate. An evening of champagne, The Philidelphia Story, and fellow girlfriends of the hightest cerebral capacity (I'm talkin' 'bout you, Booth—and Moser, don't think you're gonna get out of this—or you, Mutschler) to drink said bubbly and serve as impartial judges.

And reading that took all the steam out of my argument. Wanna know why? Cuz an evening like that sounds better than an evening WITH Stewart or Grant. Or even Stewart AND Grant. Honestly. You're on, girlfriends. What do they say about men and fish and bicycles and all that? Wink, wink.

And though the steam is out of my sails for the moment, please feel free to weigh in. You can view all evidence in favor of both gentlemen in the above links. Men, don't be shy. We know you love them, too.


K.G. said...

You know, I got the line wrong -- it was "UNSUSPECTED depth" -- which made it all the funnier, really. And I know I got the line wrong because I watched the clip about 17 more times over the weekend. Because I think it is that good, and that funny. I watched it ALMOST to the point where I started to think you might be right about Mr. Stewart.

But then I remembered "Houseboat." And "Arsenic and Old Lace." "And North by Northwest."

You are right, though. There is only one true way to settle this. And settling it will be more delicious than the debate itself. And more delicious, even, than that moment where the impartial judges turn to me and tell me how very right I am.

No worries, though, ma'am. I am a humble and gracious victor. I will simply poor you more champagne, and it will levellel all out. :-)

Miss Ive said...


Fantastic! You know, Champagne ISSSS a great levellllerrr. . .

So I hear. Can't wait.


Lisa said...

You all go ahead and have fun with this, but please let's do something in early January so that I can participate.

rings90 said...

Grant All the way ~ You forgot to mention the Santa Suit worn in My Favorite Wife, let alone the phrase ".... He was a better sparring partner than Stewart so he kind of wins by default.