Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Missing Pieces

Many mysteries loom over the Chicago trip. Some things are known.

One, we were in fact in Chicago. Two, we were there so I could see this painting, have an awakening, and finish writing my epic, never-ending novel, that is currently going nowhere, like this sentence, apparently.

Three, J. Peterman read about my caper and SENT DRESSES TO ALL GIRLS GOOD ENOUGH TO ACCOMPANY ME (READ: RISK THEIR LIVES) in pursuit of the Lark. Yes, he did. And you should have seen the girls faces when we checked into the room. You shoulda. Ribbons, box tops and tissue paper everywhere. Fantastic.

But, there are still a few things unknown to yours truly. And here's one of them. Look closely at the above picture. Behind the boxes, you will see a long, rose-colored, cylindrical pillow. See it?

Okay, now look closely at the public displays of affection I appear to be bestowing upon it in the lobby of the hotel, where things of such a 'nature' are not encouraged. Can anyone explain this? I'm serious.

I have two theories. One, I was already in bed at the hour this photo was taken, like a very good girl, and these other hooligans pulled me from said bed, pillow still in tow.

The second theory is more colorful, and I hesitate to implicate myself needlessly with slanderous details. But still, I'm curious. If anyone was in the greater Chicago area on Saturday night and knows anything about the case of the Public Pillow, please write.

Another, even bigger mystery: Who in the hell is this 'gentleman,' and why was he following us around with a camera all weekend?

I know there were a few elderly ladies who put him to a similar line of questioning. Will look into this one further tomorrow. For now, back to the pillow.


Kathy said...

This is a good one-I myself cannot remember how the pillow ended up being included in our shenanigans. Hotel staff are probably now checking to make sure said pillow was returned safely to the room. Funny how I'm striking the exact same pose in both photos.

rings90 said...

Not sure myself, All I know was I had lean on it to keep it from covering up my face....

nachista said...

OH.MY.HECK! That is freaking SWEET! (I am from the land of Napolean Dynamite, don't judge)

#1-am kicking self for sticking to silly old budget and scheduled events like the silly old Ball.

#2-am so freaking jealous of larks for free swag

#3-am so freaking jealous of larks for the fun and mayhem.

#4-am so coming with you next, even if I have to take out a HELOC on my house to do it.

#5-am so glad everyone had a good time and made it home safely, without being shot by the policeman.

Brian and Becky said...

Nachista - so sorry to tell you - but not everyone made it home safely. Not everyone even made it on the train to Chicago. Our pal, Chuck had an unfortunate packing event and ended up staying behind in the booth at the train station. You could say, he was "down in the drain", so to speak, about the whole event. However, all of his cousins, Chuck#2, Chuck#3, etc were enjoyed greatly during the remainder of the trip.

Miss Ive said...

Can we please have a moment of silence of Chuck #1, the best of the reds?

rings90 said...

They made you pour out a bottle of wine?

Well at leas tyou weren't running down the stairwell Yelling hold the train like I was. Have learned to read fine print, train boards 30 minutes before leaving not 5. WHO KNEW? I just MADE IT...

nachista said...

Hmmmm my friend Princess would have loved this adventure, she has a problem with trains too.

Brian and Becky said...

Rings90 - Oh no, that Chuck was on the way to Chicago. No chucks survived long enough to return home! Glad you caught your train....hey - at least you had breakfast!!!