Thursday, June 26, 2008

Today I Love My Job

I love it so much that I’m actually going to do it. I’ve been thinking. You know how sometimes you think really hard and plot and plan and wind up making a really crap decision? And how sometimes, you just pick up your feet and go where the current takes you and, then, when you stand up you realize you’re in heaven?

Well that’s how I feel about my job today. I didn’t plan on becoming an editor. After all, that’s not CREATIVE. But really, it is. I just wrapped my first full-length book-SIZE manuscript and it was, well, not a page-turner, if you know what I mean. But I did turn the pages, many, many, many—insert toothpicks in eyelids—many, many times. I pulled every weed and planted, to extend this horrible gardening metaphor, a little new growth, as well. I’m proud of myself. Izzze did it. And it’s better because I did. How often can you say that about anything? Generally, just ask my husband (hello husband!), whenever I touch anything they have to send a road crew in to clean up behind me.

I was thinking of something I heard the lead singer of Kings of Leon say on Fresh Air about his song-writing process. (Or maybe it was Arcade Fire?—Oh, go to and figure it out yourself—I'm a very busy and important woman!) He said, I’ll paraphrase, that writing is okay, but editing is the real creative process for him. He likes to get the clay on the page and then spend hours and hours shaping. So nice, isn’t it?

So I’ll cut this post short, and get back to the ole’ weedin’. Ahhhhh, I love a manic day.

Stay tuned for more synicism and cheek in days to come.

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